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Air pollution:

Air pollution means some poisonous substances are include in the air and making it unpure for natural purpose. Nowadays, Air pollution as become one of the major problem that affects every creature on earth.


Air pollution can be defined alteration in physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of air making it unsuitable for designated use in its natural state.

Meaning of Air pollution:

Air pollution is a type of environmental pollution, which affects air. It is an atmospheric condition in which certain substances are present in concentrations which can cause undesirable effects on man and environment.

These substances include gases, particulate matter, radioactive substances etc.

  • Gaseous pollutants include oxides of sulphur, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons.
  • Particulate pollutants include smoke, dust, soot, fumes, aerosols, liquid droplets, pollen grains, etc.
  • Radioactive substances include radon-222, iodine-131, strontium-90, plutonium-239, etc.

Sources of Air pollution:

The sources of air pollution are natural and man made.

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  • Natural sources:

The natural sources of air pollution are volcanic eruptions, forest fires, sea salt sprays, biological decay, pollen grains on flowers, spores, etc. Radioactive minerals present in the earth’s crust are the sources of radioactivity in the atmosphere.

  • Man-made:

Man-made sources include thermal power plants, industrial units, vehicular emissions, fossil fuel burning, agricultural activities, etc.

Effects of air pollution:

Air pollution has adverse effects on living organisms and materials.

  • Effects on Human Health:-

Air pollution affects human health. Suspended particulates can cause damage to lung tissues and diseases like asthma, bronchitis and cancer.

  • Effects on Plants:-

Air pollution affects plants by entering through stomata, destroy chlorophyll, and affects photosynthesis. Damage leaf structure causes necrosis, chlorosis or epinasty, and abscission.

  • Effects on aquatic life:-

Air pollutants mixing up with rain can cause high acidity in the fresh water lakes. This affects aquatic life especially fish.

  • Effects on materials:-

Because of their corrosiveness, particulates can cause damage to exposed surfaces. SO2 can affect fabric, leather, paint, marble, paper, and limestone. Ozone in the atmosphere can cause cracking of rubber.

Controlling measures of air pollution:

Air pollution can be minimized by the following methods:

  • Siting of industries after proper environmental impact assessment studies.
  • Using low sulphur coal in industries.
  • Removing sulphur from coal.
  • Removing NOx during the combustion process.
  • Vehicular pollution can be checked by regular tune-up of an engine; replacement of more polluting old vehicles; installing catalytic converters.
  • Using mass transport systems, bicycles, etc.
  • Shifting of less polluting fuels.
  • Using non-conventional sources of energy.
  • Using biological filters and bio-scrubbers.
  • Planting more trees.


As we are aware of the effects of air pollution, we should follow the controlling measures to minimize air pollution and left pure air for future generations.

FAQ- Questions:

1.What is Air pollution?

Ans:- Air pollution is one type of environmental pollution that affect air by causing damage to the living things and environment.

What are the causes of air pollution?

There are so many causes of air pollution. They are:
Industrialization, automobiles, waste disposal, deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, agricultural activities, are the causes of air pollution.

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How to control air pollution?

Industries must be established 25kms away from towns and cities.

The vehicle’s condition must be checked regularly.

Replacing the more polluting old vehicles.

Using mass transport system, bicycles, etc.

Stop cutting of forests and trees.

Stop burning of wood and fossil fuels.

Planting more trees.