This article helps the students to read an essay on noise pollution in English within 500 words. Students may also be able to write their own essay on noise pollution.

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500+words essay on Noise pollution for students in English

Here, you can read an essay on noise pollution. Students may also clearly understand the sources, causes, effects, and control measures of noise pollution.


Noise pollution is also known as Sound pollution. Noise pollution is one of the environmental pollution caused by various things. It causes damage to the every creatures on earth.

Sound is mechanical energy from a vibrating source. A type of sound may be pleasant to someone and at the same time unpleasant to others. The unpleasant and unwanted sound is called noise.

Sources of Noise pollution:

Noise pollution is caused by various factors. We will discuss some main sources of noise pollution.

  • Various modes of transportation like air, road, rail transportation.
  • Industrial operations.
  • Construction activities like buildings, dams, etc..,
  • Celebrations either social, religious functions, elections, etc,…
  • Electric home appliances.

High levels of noise have been recorded in some of the cities of the world. In Nanjing (China) noise level of 105 dB has been recorded, while in some other cities of the world these levels are: Rome 90 dB, New York 88 dB, Calcutta 85 dB, Mumbai 82 dB, Delhi 80 dB, Kathmandu 75 dB.

Causes of Noise pollution:

The following are the various causes of noise pollution. Noise pollution exists in mostly densely populated areas- cities and industrial complexes.

  • Railway stations, bus stations, airports, shopping complexes, and other commercial zones are the sources of noise generation.
  • Television, Radio, Kitchen gadgets produce noise in the house.
  • Even music can be noisy when it is loud and harsh.
  • In Industries, huge machines running at high speeds produce sounds of different nature with different intensities. These sounds contribute to noise pollution.
  • In public places such as temples, mosques, churches, and commercial centers and functions such as meetings, and marriages, loudspeakers are used indiscriminately creating noise of high intensity.

Sound levels are measured in units called decibels. Conservation produces sound at about 40 decibels, so on. The limit that humans can accept is about 110 decibels without pain and damage.

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Effects of Noise Pollution:

Noise causes the following effects:

  1. Interferes with man’s communication:- In a noisy area communication is severely affected.
  2. Hearing damage:- Noise can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. It depends on the intensity and duration of the sound level. Auditory sensitivity is reduced with a noise level of over 90 dB in the mid-high frequency for more than a few minutes.
  3. Physiological and Psychological changes:- Continuous exposure to noise affects the functioning of various systems of the body.
  4. Health problems:- It may result in hypertension, insomnia (sleeplessness), gastrointestinal and digestive disorders, peptic ulcers, blood pressure changes, behavioral changes, emotional changes, etc,.

Control of Noise pollution:

The following are the some controlling measures of noise pollution:

  1. Reduction in sources of noise:- Sources of noise pollution like heavy vehicles and old vehicles may not be allowed to ply in the populated areas.
  2. Noise making machines should be kept in containers with sound-absorbing media. The noise path will be interrupted and will not reach the workers.
  3. Proper oiling will reduce the noise from the machinery.
  4. Use of sound-absorbing silencers:- Silencers can reduce noise by absorbing sound. For this purpose, various types of fibrous material could be used.
  5. Planting more trees having board leaves.
  6. Through law:- Legislation can ensure that sound production is minimized at various social functions. Unnecessary horn blowing should be restricted especially in vehicle-congested areas.


As we know that noise pollution cause damage to animals also. It is our responsibility to reduce the noise by following some measures.

FAQ- Questions of Noise pollution:

1. What is meant by Noise?

Ans:- Sound is mechanical energy from a vibrating source. A type of sound may be pleasant to someone and at the same time unpleasant to others. The unpleasant and unwanted sound is called noise.

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