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essay on water conservation
Water conservation


Water is one of the most essential natural resources available on earth 97% is available as oceans, 2% available as icebergs at the polar region (or) in the Antarctica continent, the remaining 1% is the only water available for human consumption.

Even though water is a renewable source thruogh the hydrological cycle in nature, the functioning of the cycle is disturbed due to.

  1. Overconsumption.
  2. Climatic changes affecting the monsoons.

As we know that water is being polluted by various sources. Therefore, we have to conserve water and minimize water pollution on earth.

Even the limited water resources on the earth are not evenly distributed through out the earth and concentrated only at limited geographical regions.

With an increase in population and erratic agricultural activities, the quality and quantity of water have declined and the prevalence of droughts has increased. It has, therefore, become necessary to conserve water.

Several methods have been practiced to conserve water for a long time. The water for domestic, agricultural, and industrial needs are drawn from drinking water wells, drawn wells, step wells, ponds, rivers, irrigation lakes, and supply canals.

The exploitation of groundwater has also increased with the use of electric pump sets, resulting in a further declining water table. In the last 2 to3 decades, the water table has gone down and many irrigation wells and bore wells have gone dry. The rainwater harvesting becomes urgent to recharge and maintain groundwater balance.

Essay on water conservation

Methods of water conservation:

There are several methods for conserve water. They are

  1. Drip irrigation: The water is supplied through pipes with holes. The pipes are arranged in such a way that the holes sit near each plant. In this way, water is not only economized but also supplied only at places of requirements.
  2. Seepage pits:- Each and every form area is provided with seepage pits dugout at one corner of the form so that the excess water is collected in these pits.
  3. Check dams:- Check dams are constructed at suitable places where water is supposed to be overflowing and is wasted.
  4. Rainwater harvesting:- Rainwater harvesting is the best method of collecting rainwater or recharging the under groundwater with rainwater.

How to conserve water:

First, we have to stop wastage of water in our homes. If everyone follow all these measures, we can prevent pollution on earth.

Our Government has established many schemes to prevent pollution and to conserve water. We also have a role to play in all these schemes.

The water can be conserved by the following measures.

  • We need to avoid shower baths and tub baths. It is better to use buckets.
  • We should minimize the use of more water as much as possible.
  • We should minimize the use of electricity as the power plants consume tons of water.
  • We need to plant more trees.
  • Washing machines and dishwashers should be loaded fully before using them.
  • We should water plants in the early morning and evening, during that time water evaporation can be minimized.
  • Rainwater harvesting is one of the best methods to conserve water.
  • It is not necessary for the Government permission, anyone can prevent rainwater using rainwater harvesting.


As human beings, it is our responsibility to conserve water and prevent water pollution. We can’t imagine our life without water. We can leave a few days without food, but we can’t leave without water. Water is an essential source, we use water for everything.

I hope this essay on water conservation may help every student and also for every citizen that they can understand about the significance of water.

FAQ -Questions on Water conservation:

1. Why water should be conserved?

Ans:- Water is a more useful resource. We cannot imagine our life without water. Water should be conserved to improve the water quality and quantity for future generations.

2. What are the benefits of water conservation?

Ans:- The following are some benefits of water conservation.
– Reduce the scarcity of water.
– Protect drinking water resources.
– Save the environment and living creatures on earth.
Reduce pollution and health problems.
Save aquatic life.
Provide safe water for future generations.

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